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Over the wall we go



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Over the wall we go
( David Bowie )

Over the wall we go
All coppers are nanas
Over the wall we go
Leave 'em a note saying 'wish you were here

I know the best ways to break out of here
I helped a young laddie called Ivan
I bundled him over the wall last night
Then he climbed back and he grabbed me tight
He uttered some words that I can't say to you
'Cause he remembered that he was a screw

Over the wall we go
All coppers are nanas
Over the wall we go
Leave 'em a note wishing 'Happy New Year'

My name is Henry though some say I'm thick
I've spent half me life in and out of nick
Me mum sends me presents to keep me in style
Soggy old cakes and hundreds of files
Now I sussed all them files I'm a clever young man
Now I'm just stupid with manicured hands

Over the wall we go
All coppers are nanas
Over the wall we go
Nobody's left and the screw are in tears

"Double 3, 427 ?" "Here, sir."
"Double 3, 428 ?" "Here, sir."
"Double 3, 429? Double 3, 429 - Where is he?"
"He went out for a cup of tea at the local football match, sir."
"Oh. well he might have invited me..."

Over the wall we go
All coppers are nanas
Over the wall we go
Nbody's slept and the screws are in tears

We tried digging tunnels but gave up the ghost just past the Kensington yards at the most
Our limbs was aching, we felt pretty pooped
Our clothes they was tatty, our arrows did droop.
We crawled back to safety, our hearts filled with gloom
'Cos we'd dug ourselves through to the smallest room

Over the wall we go
All coppers are nanas
Over the wall we go
Note wishing 'Happy New Year'

[SFX: knock knock knock]
"Hello, who is it?"
"Double 3, 429, guv"
"Oh, hang on a minute...
[SFX: Doors opening]
Hello sonny Jim
Been wondering where you were
Did you have a nice Christmas?" 


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Sources principales :
     Oh! you pretty things (the songs of David Bowie) (collaboration) : Oscar - single janvier 1967
     Oscar : Over The Wall We Go / Every Day Of My Life (collaboration)
     David Bowie : Songbook (collaboration) : Oscar
Autres sources :
     Love You Till Tuesday / Did You Ever Have A Dream (single)
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