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Falling Down



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Falling Down
( Tom Waits )

I have come 500 miles just to see a halo
Come from st. petersburg, scarlett and me
Well I open my eyes, I was blind as can be
When you give a man luck, he must fall in the sea
And she wants you to steal and get caught
For she loves you for all that you are not
When you're falling down, falling down
When you're falling down, falling down, falling down

You forget all the roses, dont come around on sunday
Shes not gonna choose you for standing so tall
Go on and take a swig of that poison and like it
And dont ask for silverware, dont ask for nothing
Go on and put your ear to the ground
You know you will be hearing that sound... falling down
You're falling down, falling down
Falling down, falling down, falling down

When youre falling down, falling down, falling down

Go on down and see that wrecking ball come swinging on along
Everyone knew that hotel was a goner
They broke all the windows, they took all the door knobs
And they hauled it away in a couple of days
Now someone yell timber and take off your hat
It's a lot smaller down here on the ground
You're falling down, falling down, falling down
Falling down, falling down, falling down

Someones falling down, falling down, falling down
Falling down, falling down, falling down 


Version originale : Scarlett Johansson : Anywhere I Lay My Head (collaboration)  
Année : 2008 
Sources principales :
Autres sources :
Tours :
Versions :
La version originale figure sur l'album "Big Time" (1988) de Tom Waits.

Notes :
Pour cette version de Scarlett Johansson, David Bowie ne participe qu'aux choeurs. Les autres musiciens sont :
David Andrew Sitek : guitare, sampler
Ryan Sawyer : batterie, tambourine, bowed vibes
Sean Antanaitis : pump organ, vibes, guitorgan, banjo, piano, jingle bells, tambourine, synth
Jaleel Bunton : guitare acoustique
Nick Zinner : slide guitare 

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