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When I live my dream



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When I live my dream
( David Bowie )

When I live my dream, I'll take you with me
Riding on a golden horse
We'll live within my castle, with people there to serve you
Happy at the sound of your voice

Baby, I'll slay a dragon for you
Or banish wicked giants from the land
But you will find, that nothing in my dream can hurt you
We will only love each other as forever
When I live my dream

When I live my dream, I'll forgive the things you've told me
And the empty man you left behind
It's a broken heart that dreams, it's a broken heart you left me
Only love can live in my dream

I'll wish, and the thunder clouds will vanish
Wish, and the storm will fade away
Wish again, and you will stand before me while the sky will paint an overture
And trees will play the rhythm of my dream

When I live my dream, please be there to meet me
Let me be the one to understand
When I live my dream, I'll forget the hurt you gave me
Then we can live in our new land

Till the day my dream cascades around me
I'm content to let you pass me by
Till that day, you'll run to many other men
But let them know it's just for now
Tell them that I've got a dream
And tell them you're the starring role
Tell them I'm a dreaming kind of guy
And I'm going to make my dream
Tell them I will live my dream
Tell them they can laugh at me
But don't forget your date with me
When I live my dream 


Version originale : David Bowie (album)  
Année : 1967 
Sources principales :
     Space oddity (compilation)
     When I live my dream (compilation)
     London Boy (compilation)
     The laughing gnome (compilation)
     The gospel according to David Bowie (compilation)
     Rock Reflections (compilation)
     The World Of David Bowie (compilation)
     Coccinelle Variétés (compilation)
     Bowie (compilation)
     Images 1966-1967 (compilation)
     El Rey Del Gay Power (compilation)
     Mille-Pattes Series (compilation)
     Collection Blanche (compilation)
     Superstar (compilation)
     Disco De Ouro (compilation)
     Starting Point (compilation)
     20 Bowie Classics (compilation)
     Profile (compilation)
     Another Face (compilation)
     Historia De La Musica Rock (compilation)
     Gigantes Del Pop Vol. 28 (compilation)
     30 Anos De Musica Rock (compilation)
     A Second Face (compilation)
     La Grande Storia Del Rock (compilation)
     Los 60 De Los 60 (compilation) : version 1
     David Bowie (compilation)
     Musical Storyland (compilation)
     David Bowie (compilation)
     Impact (compilation)
     Programme Plus (compilation)
     Prime Cuts (compilation)
     Il Rock (compilation)
     Love you till Tuesday (compilation)
Autres sources :
Tours :
      Live 1967 - 1968
      Live 1969 - 1970
Versions :
Le titre de l'album a été enregistré le 25 février 1967, alors qu'une seconde version date du 3 juin 1967. Cette version a été utilisée pour le film Love you till Tuesday.

Les deux versions sont sur la compilation The Deram Anthology.

Ce titre a été enregistré en allemand le 29 janvier 1969 sous le titre Mit mir in deinem Traum.

Notes :

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